The Churchill Cup Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the 2006 Churchill Cup. Whether you have a passion for Rugby or just a keen interest in this amazing event, come and join the fun!

Give a lot – give a little
Volunteer jobs are available immediately for both on-going responsibilities or just for the final match day, Saturday June 17th, 2006.  

What opportunities are there to volunteer?
Entertainment, Hosting, Team Services, Team Liaison, Officials Liaison, Ceremonies, Transportation, Receptions, Field / Venue Set-up/Strike, Merchandise Sales, Program Sales, Access Control, Spectator Services, Medical Services, Parking Services, Accreditation, Volunteer Support and many more. For Job Descriptions, see below.

Volunteer benefitsFUN, FUN, hard work, FUN, FUN, old friends, new friends, FUN, FUN, great Rugby… and a commemorative mini rugby ball and event day T-shirt, Front-of-the-Line access to the after-finals Whyte Avenue Social evening.

Please note: Match play will take place in Toronto, Ottawa and San Francisco. The finals will take place in Edmonton. Regrettably we are unable to provide payment of airfares, accommodation, transport etc. for volunteers. If you are traveling from out of town – please indicate the city you wish to volunteer in.